Winona County

  • Payroll Process – Redesign the process for the deposit of funds beginning with the collection of the money at each department and ending with the deposit of funds into the bank.
  • Adult Mental Health Plans – Examine and redesign the documentation flow of data and information for the individual Community Support Plan starting with the initial contact with the client and ending with an approved plan.
  • PHD DOC – To review the public health general billing process from the point of determining eligibility of billing to the point of applying payment and posting the batch.
  • Daily Deposits – a review of the number of money collection sites and the process for collection and completing daily deposits.
  • Criminal Data Reporting – A multi-agency LEAN event including all city and county law enforcement agencies to review the flow of data from the initial law enforcement response to the access of the data by the County Attorney and defense counsel.
  • Winona County LEAN Impact PowerPoint
  • Winona County LEAN FAQs
  • Winona County LEAN Program Manual (Facilitator)
  • Winona County LEAN Program Manual (General)