Washington County

  • Hazardous Waste License Renewal Kaizen Event
    • Opportunity for Improvement: The Environmental Protection Team processes over 500 hazardous waste generator license renewals annually. Approximately 75% contain one or more defects in the form of inaccurate/incomplete information requiring follow-up ranging from a phone call to site visits and extensive paperwork review.
    • Goals for Future State
      • Decrease the number of defects by 50%
      • Decrease staff time spent on follow-up
      • Engage generators in the renewal process
      • Increase available staff time for inspections and generator outreach
    • Benefits of Future State
      • HUGE time savings
      • Increased accountability and compliance
      • More engaged generators
      • Defect rate significantly decreased
      • Staff time savings across multiple job functions
  • Office 5S
    The purpose of the events were to identify and eliminate waste in individuals’ workspace.  This event helped to improve efficiency and effectiveness in daily operations and boosted employee morale.  Read the summary of this 5S Event.
  • Community Services Economic Assistance Application Process (June 2012) Begin with the first point of contact for public assistance and end with approval or denial of the benefits the applicant requested.
  • Community Services Child Support Intake Process  (October 2012)
    From the time the referral or application is received to the time it is passed to the appropriate next worker.
  • Property Records and Taxpayer Services, Information Technology, and Public Works  Parcel Change Process (October 2012)
    From the time the public submits a document for recording to the time the new parcel map is available to the internal customers.
  • Public Health and Environment Municipal Grant Recycling Process (February 2013)  Start at the review and/or modify grand application and end when the year-end report is received.

As of May 2013, four Kaizen events have taken place at the county.   The events have included staff from five different departments.  As of May 2013, over 200 county employees have attended Lean 101 training.

Washington County: LEAN 2013 – Special Edition Newsletter August 2013