LEAN Videos

July  2015

  • Becoming a LEAN Manager
  • Basic overview of LEAN produced by the State of Washington.  Provides a good overview on:
    • Removing Waste
    • Push/Pull and Continuous Flow
    • Lean Verses Traditional Management.
  • Gathering metrics before a project so you understand the situation you are examining is critical.  A pareto chart may be a helpful tool for this metric analysis.  Here is a PowerPoint presentation from the City of Denver Peak Academy.
  • If you are lucky enough to have staff who have training in  Six Sigma Lean with certification as a master black, black, green or yellow belt certification you have a great resource.  This link is green belt training.    They are trying to train over 11,000 city and county employees in this green belt training over the next five years.


June 2012


(This is a one hour video but very good resource even if you only watch the first 10 to 20 minutes.) This video gives you an excellent overview of what LEAN is all about:  It’s origins, key concepts and values.  It would probably be better for people who have had LEAN facilitator training and desire an update on the broader context of Lean efforts.  The video features a keynote by Jeffery Liker, author of many Lean books.  He gives an excellent overview of how LEAN is being used globally.  He starts the video with his perspective on a human rights building being built in Winnipeg.  It’s a real life example of Plan, Do, Check and Act.  When we do LEAN in Minnesota counties it is good to continually think about the sustainability of our LEAN efforts.  How do we sustain the changes developed in Kaizen and 5S events?  He uses examples from the army and manufacturing floor.  Don’t tune out on the story about the manufacturing floor.  If you hang in there and listen to the entire story the underlying message is equally appropriate for a county manager’s role. I thought about how county staff could use adaptive management to solve problems, one at a time. The segment starting a 41 minutes in the video is an excellent overview of  the self-development  it takes to make the system work. It focuses on learning and teaching with continual use of PDCA.  In my opinion this is exactly the kind of leadership needed in counties to remain viable in serving Minnesota citizens.