Douglas County

Child Support 5S Example:

How did we Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain (5S)?

There was a need to see what could be done to clean up and maintain the work area located by the Social Services Front Desk.  This is where the Child Support Copier is located, but it is also the place where our clients come to talk to staff or vendors pick up or drop off boxes.  Due to the copier’s location, unclaimed print jobs, faxes and loose papers were a common occurrence, making the work area look cluttered and unkempt.  Additionally, we were having issues where one worker would be sending a print job to the copier from their desk while another was standing and making copies at the copier, resulting in print jobs getting mixed together when printed.  We were wasting time and paper due to looking for and then reprinting “lost or misplaced” print jobs.

So, we tried applying the 5S process:

  • SORT:    By utilizing the Secure Print feature available on our Xerox Copier, we could have each worker setup a 4-digit passcode that when entered at the copier, would release print jobs sent from their office.  With this minor adjustment, workers would not have to get up to go get their print jobs individually; instead the print jobs wait for the worker to release them.  This would cut down dramatically on the inter-mixing of print jobs, forgotten print jobs and worker interruption while it increased data privacy, as the printed jobs don’t sit there waiting for the worker to pick them up.  Additionally, we could utilize the auto-staple fax function to staple all incoming faxes.  Again, this would reduce the inter-mixing of documents and would also clearly define each complete fax that was more than one page, by stapling.
  • SET IN ORDER:  What about all those faxes coming in and going out?  Well, it was decided that the best idea would be to have a small paper organizer located next to the copier where faxes (ie: received, unconfirmed, send) could be placed and the Front Desk could monitor and distribute.  As for the Secure Print feature, each worker was shown how to set up this tool on their computer and pick a password.  Next, each worker was asked to send a print job to the copier and then shown how to release the print job using their password while standing at the copier.
  • SHINE:   By auto-stapling and organizing the fax jobs while initiating Secure Print with the Child Support Staff on print jobs, the copier and work surfaces remain clean, confidential and neat while in the public view.  Additionally, workers make fewer trips to the copier to collect their print jobs, keeping disruptions to the Front Desk down to a minimum.
  • STANDARDIZE:   This was achieved through the requirement that all Child Support Workers must be setup as “Secure Print” when sending print jobs to the copier.  However, with the implementation of the new Printer Drive on the network, the IT Department has now set our Xerox copier up as “Secure Print” for all incoming print jobs from any worker, not just Child Support.
  • SUSTAIN:  By making the Child Support Copier a “Secure Print” copier for desktop print requests for all workers, and by stapling all incoming faxes automatically, we are able to maintain/sustain the Set In Order and Shine with minimal effort.

 Contact Person for additional details:  Tracy Reiland, Child Support Supervisor