Dakota County

Dakota County Office of Planning and Analysis

Project Name: Department Deposits Process Improvement

Project Scope: In the department deposits process, the County receives payments from residents, businesses, and other individuals in various departments and service centers or other facilities. The County accepts multiple types of payment, including check, cash, and credit card, depending on the service and the department.

The purpose of this project was to standardize the department deposits process Countywide and reduce the potential for risk. In particular, the project aimed to:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Ensure money is counted no more than twice
  • Reduce the number of procedure guides


  •  Starting point: Resident gives cash/check to Dakota County employee
  •  Ending points: Money is recorded in the General Ledger (GL)/checks are stored/cash is picked up by an armored vehicle


  • This project focused on cash and checks deposits from other departments, and transactions from the Service and License Centers, and Property Taxation and Records.
  • This project excluded the work of updating department deposits policies/procedures.

What improvements did you document in the process?

  • Reduced the number of money counts from upwards of six to two.
  • Eliminated duplicative data entry practices.
  • Created a mostly uniform process County-wide, instead of each department or unit deciding its own process, by reducing the number of procedure guides from almost 50 to a handful. – Increased customer satisfaction and decreased risk by requiring deposits to be processed within a day or two, instead of waiting up to several months.

Dakota County Office of Planning and Analysis – Departmental Deposits Process Improvement – Winter