Clay County

Land Management Kaizen Event

Clay County Land Management Kaizen Participants
Clay County Land Management Kaizen Participants

Division or work unit:  P/Z, Recorder, Assessor, Auditor/Treasurer, Information Services

Business Issue: A statement about what types of issues the current process is having on the agency, and/or customers or stakeholders. Why is it important to address this process now?   Transfers and splits in the land management area has become a cumbersome process, affecting all of the divisions that deal with land and property transactions.  Customers have shown frustration with the speed and complexity of the process.  Customer lack of awareness of the procedures is hindering the process and increasing frustration.  Customers have to go to multiple departments to get information, complete tasks and fill out appropriate forms.  Wait times could be improved by eliminating waste, inaccuracy and duplication of effort. Scope: This is a specific description about what is included in the scope of the event.  We only want to scope what we feel we can complete and implement within the timeframe of the Kaizen.  The scope statement should delineate the first step in the process and the last step in the process. Comments about what is out of scope may also be beneficial.  The scope of the LEAN event is to review, assess, and evaluate the land management transfer process in order to improve upon the system.  The group will also review, evaluate and improve upon the property split process and attempt to eliminate waste in all stages of the process.

Goals: Delineate two or three key goals – measureable goals are preferred

  1.  Improve customer service by reducing wait times and efficiency when applying for transfers and property splits.
  2. Improve teamwork between departments  (Accuracy of process,  cross training,  joining of tasks if/when appropriate.

Facilitators:  Darren Brooke, Leslie Witte