What is LEAN? Kaiazengroupphoto

LEAN is a time-tested set of tools, and an organizational desire, to reduce waste and defects within systems and processes, by engaging your staff to improve productivity, quality, staff morale, and customer service.

LEAN is many things, including:

    • A fixed state or goal (Being LEAN)
    • A continuous change process (Becoming LEAN)
    • A set of tools or methods (Doing LEAN)
    • A philosophy (Thinking LEAN)

Why Focus On Process?

Nearly every tangible output; service or product, is created as the result of a process or series of processes (a system). It’s been shown that over 85% of the opportunity to improve those outputs, while reducing time and cost lie within the process itself.

Why LEAN, Why Now?

Public agencies are being asked to do more with smaller budgets and a shrinking workforce.

So how can we continue to provide quality service to our customers?  LEAN can help.

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is an important element of a LEAN transformation.  Kaizen is a Japanese term that means, “to take it apart and put it back together in a better way.”  Kaizen events engage the creativity of employees to make the process better but LEAN transformation is more than just a Kaizen event. In Kaizen events we define the operation to be improved; standardize the operation; measure the standardized operation; gauge measurements against the requirements; innovate to meet the requirements; and standardize the new operation.