News Release from Wabasha County to Advertise Kicking-Off LEAN Activities


With the support of the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners and County Administrator, Michael Plante, the County rolled out the first event in its goal to change to a Continuous Improvement culture.  Using the time-tested set of tools of LEAN, and the County’s desire to improve it services to Wabasha County residents, the county will engage employees to help with reducing waste and defects, within County processes, to increase productivity, reliability, staff morale and, most importantly, customer service to county residents using County services.

On November 16th, Toni Smith and Laurie Klupacs of the Association of Minnesota Counties offered a LEAN 101 course to County employees to teach them why LEAN is important in county government, show examples of how other counties in Minnesota are using LEAN, and how to use the basic LEAN tools including indentifying the 8 wastes, 5S, Standardized Work and rapid improvement Kaizen events.

Wabasha County has also formed a Continuous Improvement Committee, made up of management and staff to keep the new culture of Continuous Improvement moving forward.  The current committee is made up of both management and staff who are committed to changing Wabasha County culture and move the county forward to improvement.  The next step in the culture shift to Continuous Improvement it to recruit and train Kaizen facilitators who will be able to assist other county departments with the use of the LEAN tools and recruit other committee members to keep the initiative in the forefront.